Nothing impacts us quite like our reproductive health.  The full range of such experiences touches our minds, bodies, relationships, and spirits in incredibly powerful ways.  Yet, too often we do not have the opportunity to process these experiences in a safe space with someone knowledgeable about both the biology of reproductive health, and about its social and emotional aspects.  Organizing what seems overwhelming is an important step in becoming comfortable with powerful events, new identities, and significant changes.

For most women, the process of becoming or trying to become a mother is full of intense contradictions such as elation and sorrow; pain and pleasure; grief and blessings; confusion and new certainties; losing what was and gaining what's new.  Through these experiences we are brought into close contact with new truths about our relationship with ourselves, with our own parents, with our partners, and with our bodies.  We deserve a compassionate space in which it is possible to process it all and come away wiser, stronger, and more loving.


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