Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions for adults and adolescents are one hour in length.  We can work together to establish goals for therapy and I strive to be transparent about the process.  I am comfortable guiding you through long or short-term therapy, and want our work to move at the pace you set.  It takes time to build trust, and when I can earn it and be your partner in personal growth, it is my privilege.    

Couples Therapy

All relationships require work, and the willingness to examine relational dynamics with a caring guide is an investment in your future.  Our initial session typically includes an exploration of each partner's concerns and hopes for the partnership, and a discussion about goals.  Through therapy, couples often report increased insight about unhelpful relational dynamics, increased knowledge about ones own needs and triggers, increased empathy for ones partner, and improved communication skills.

Integrated Psychological Assessment

Psychological testing is a process that uses a combination of techniques to better understand cognitive, academic, and/or emotional functioning for a given individual. Psychological testing, or assessment, is done through observation of an individual performing tasks, review of  questionnaires, and analysis of objective and standardized measures. Analysis of projective measures may also be used.  Psychological testing is helpful for diagnostic clarification, recommendations for treatment, identification of learning difficulties or specific learning disorders, and various legal and occupational purposes.  


Program: Caring for the Whole Woman

This psychoeducational program for practitioners of Obstetrics/Gynecology and women's health may be experienced in a variety of formats: a weeks-long class, a  one-day workshop, or a  consultation group lasting just a couple of hours.  Caring for the Whole Woman explores the social, psychological, emotional, and cultural aspects of women's reproductive experiences, manifest within the medical model during standard care for   infertility/pregnancy/birth/postpartum.  Program participants will: 

  • Expand upon patient-centered communication skills
  • Learn to effectively identify and refer patients in need of psychological or social support
  • Understand how perinatal mental health concerns may manifest physically 
  • Explore experiences of working in women’s health & process reactions to this work
  • Learn strategies for coping with, and utilizing, emotions during patient interactions
  • Connect with core values as healers